It’s Not Easy Being Green

Posted: March 16, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Just for a change of pace, the Raptors decided to wear their St. Patrick’s Day green jerseys when playing in Detroit on Wednesday. Never mind that it wasn’t St. Patrick’s Day yet, or that nobody on the Raptors, or possibly in all of Toronto, is Irish. The point is, Raptor fans had the excitement of watching their club lose while wearing a different colour.

This loss was a historic one, as the Raptors are now on a franchise record 14-game road losing streak.

I like how Tracy McGrady is now sporting the same chinstrap-style beard as his cousin and fellow Raptors alum Vince Carter. I also like how McGrady is miles past his prime but still able to dunk on the Raptors’ defense.

But really, Detroit needed this win. It’s been a tough year in Detroit, with the players shunning the coach, an empty arena, and losses piling up…so obviously, the Raptors sensed this, and decided to make them feel better.

You’re welcome, Detroit.


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