Raptors hit .500! …well, sort of.

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Ah, the NBA.com highlight reel.  A nightly recap of the league’s prettiest passes, biggest blocks, and most deadly dunks. Or, sometimes, a nightly recap of how many times a given team managed to make the Raptors look bad.

Last night, an astonishing 50% of NBA.com’s top ten plays were shots of the Clippers beating the bejeepers out of the poor old Raps, who tallied their eighth straight loss. Here’s why I love the highlights above:

#10 – Griffin’s big alley-oop. Check the game clock on this one. It took exactly 15 seconds for the embarrassment to begin.

#7 – DeAndre mugs Davis. Oh, Ed Davis. I like the kid, and in some ways he reminds me of Chris Bosh. For example, the way he gets overpowered on the boards.

#5 – Billups no-look pass. See, the no-look pass is something the Raptors do all the time. Problem is, we keep forgetting that it’s the passer who’s not supposed to look, not the receiver. And let’s not forget that Billups wore a Raptors jersey once upon a time.

#4 – DeAndre blocks Barbosa. Ouch. Just…ouch.

#1 – DeAndre’s alley-oop. Just like Griffin’s dunk at #10, this one comes within the first minute of play, this time in the 3rd quarter. I guess the Raptors aren’t known for their quick starts.

So congratulations to the Clippers, for recording 50% of the night’s top plays. Who knows how many more highlights they would have grabbed if all-star guard Chris Paul had been in the lineup? Oh well. There’s always next time.

You’re welcome, Los Angeles.


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