Raptors Review: After Thirty Games

Posted: February 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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DeRozan and Davis practise the Raptors new 4th-quarter offense, the innovative "Hide-and-hope-it-all-works-out" strategy.

Record: 9-21 (3-7 over the past 10)

High point: Beating the Celtics.

Low point: Kobe playing a half-assed game (no, wait, make that quarter-assed) and then showing up just in time to hit the winning jumper right in front of the Raptors bench.

Stuff I’ve Noticed:

–          If James Johnson never took a shot from further out than five feet, he might be my favourite player.

–          Somebody must have told DeRozan that he should become a jump shooter. I hate that person.

–          If you cover one eye and squint a little, Linas Kleiza kind of looks like Andrea Bargnani.

Memorable Quote:
“It just goes to show that we can compete with anybody.”
 – DeRozan, after a 6-point loss to Miami. (Note to DeMar: competing-and-losing still counts as losing.)

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