Holy Craptors Book-of-the-Month: “The History of the Toronto Raptors” by Aaron Frisch

Posted: March 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Aaron Frisch, author of "The History of the Toronto Raptors", required reading for all Raptor fans.

Do you love the Raptors? Do you read at a grade 3 level? Boy oh boy do I have a book for you.

Browsing the children’s section at the library today (don’t ask why) I discovered this little gem of a book, published by Creative Education in 2002, when Vinsanity sparked every young Torontonian’s interest in basketball. It’s a doozy of a read. Some highlights:

  • It features Antonio Davis on the cover, putting down a huge putback slam and possibly wondering whether he wants to let his children grow up in Canada.
  • On every page, for no particular reason, a random Raptor’s name will appear in huge font. So you’ll be reading a sentence about John Bitove’s business ventures in the 1980s, and then suddenly a name like ACIE EARL will jump off the page and punch you in the face. It’s awesome.
  • The last sentence (spoiler alert!) will make you want to laugh and cry at the same time: “As Toronto heads into the 21st century, one thing is certain: like the dinosaur on the team’s logo, the Raptors’ days as an NBA doormat are a thing of the past.” Ouch.

The final page of the book, with its classic final sentence, followed for no apparent reason by "Jerome Williams" in huge font.

You can browse Frisch’s various sports books here.

In the meantime, if you know of any other Raptor-related books that deserve a mention in this space, let me know: holycraptors@gmail.com


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