Raptors Dump Most Of Second Unit; Bench Reportedly For Sale On Craigslist

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So Deadline Day has come and gone, and although the Raptors may not have taken any of my trade suggestions, they do find themselves minus a couple of bench players. Anthony Carter and Leandro Barbosa are gone, and in return, we got…nobody. Hm.

Well, a second-round pick…and a trade exemption…Those are good things, right? And besides, now that Barbosa and Carter won’t be hogging bench minutes anymore, we get to see more of Butler and Forbes! Yay!

While I can’t say I’ll miss Anthony Carter (although it was fun to watch the old guy huff and puff his way down the court, only to get confused and pass the ball to the press table), I will miss Barbosa. He was an exciting player to watch; exciting in the way it’s exciting to ride an old wooden rollercoaster that is really fast, but a bit old, and might go off the rails and kill you at any moment.

Just for the heck of it, here’s my favourite Barbosa highlight, from his days in Phoenix:

All in all, it’s not really a bad deal for Toronto (go here for some more in-depth analysis), but just for once I’d like to see a trade where the Raptors trade a player and get an actual person in return.

So long, Leandro. We’ll miss you. If you make it to the playoffs, send us a postcard, ‘kay?

  1. […] of change were in the air. And those winds ended up blowing Leandro Barbosa right out of town on Deadline Day. Things were back and forth as spring came to Toronto; a satisfying overtime win against Memphis […]

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