Camouflage Uniforms Seem To Work: Raptors Disappear In Fourth Quarter

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Uncategorized
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You can almost see it on Jose's face: are you REALLY going to make me wear this in public?

In honour of Canada’s Armed Forces, this evening the Raptors wore uniforms that resembled a spinach smoothie army fatigues. Which is appropriate, because I’m sure that by the end of this one, all those poor members of the army were pretty fatigued by the home team’s performance. Honestly, you’d think that a more fitting tribute to our brave military men and women would be to shoot better.

As they often do, things started out pretty well; Derrick Rose wasn’t playing, the Raps built a lead at halftime…aaaaaand then the Bulls outscored the Raptors 32-13 in the fourth. Good old RAPCEPTION. It never fails.

Oh well, I guess it was a good test for the Bulls. After all, if Rose goes down in the playoffs, they need to be confident that they can win without him. And now, thanks to us, they know they can.

You’re welcome, Chicago.

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  2. Schro says:

    I’m sure the military could have come up with a better endgame strategy, too.

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