Did April Fool’s Day Get Moved?

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Okay, now it’s starting to get weird.

When they beat Washington at home, that made sense. When they beat the Bobcats the next game and broke the curse, it was a nice surprise. And hey, two wins in a row!

But now? Against a playoff-quality team, on the road? Outscoring the Sixers 20-7 in the fourth?

This is no longer a couple of wins in a row. This is a legit WIN STREAK. Three games, folks. T-h-r-e-e. And with the lowly Cavaliers coming to town on Friday, do we dare utter the “F” word? Could this crazy streak continue?

And what if this is only the beginning? What if they get that fourth win on Friday, and ride this wave of eerie momentum all the way to the playoffs? Mathematically, it could still happen. Ten years ago, after all, you may remember that the Raps won 12 of their last 14 to squeak into the post-season…what if this is the start of another spring miracle?

You may laugh, but years from now, when Aaron Gray retires after a distinguished career as the Raptors’ captain and all-time points leader, and they hoist his number up to the rafters to hang beside the row of seven NBA championship banners that his team won, and they ask him what the turning point was in Raptors Basketball history, and he points to this victory against Philadelphia….well who’s going to be laughing then?

I think I need some sleep.

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