And That, Ladies And Gentlemen, Is How You End A Win Streak

Posted: April 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The only way tonight's 4th quarter could have looked any uglier is if you had watched it through a puffy eye. Like this one.

The Raptors’ season-high 3-game win streak ended this evening in spectacular, mind-numbing, face-palming fashion.

The Cavaliers, who stunk up the court by shooting 30% and managing only 51 points through three quarters, were allowed to walk away with the win after the home team disintegrated in the fourth.

It was vintage Craptor basketball: Bargnani going inexplicably cold, DeRozan fading into the background, Aaron Gray accumulating sweat and fouls with stunning proficiency. At the final buzzer, the damage in the fourth was astounding: a 33-17 final quarter in favour of the Cavaliers, translating into a 4-point loss that should have been a 4th straight Raptor win.

The Cavaliers looked almost as shocked as the fans. You can’t blame them. They must have been wondering how they were winning a game in which they were called for over-and-back twice in the same period. A game they played without their coach, who showed up, mouthed off to the ref, and was ejected just minutes into the second quarter. A game they played without their star rookie, Kyrie Irving. They’re probably on the bus back to Cleveland right now, looking at each other with furrowed brows, saying, “you saw that too, right?”

You’re welcome, Cleveland.


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