Raptors Review: After Ten Games

Posted: November 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Kyle Lowry started the 2012-2013 season the same way Bargnani started last year: playing like an all-star, then getting injured. (Photo: Bleacher Report)

Record: 3-7

Low point: Losing Kyle Lowry.

High point: Bouncing back from a heartbreaking triple OT loss at home with a win on the road the next night.

Stuff I’ve Noticed:

  • Alan Anderson plays with hustle. It’s the hustle of someone who’s just been woken up by a fire alarm, but it’s still hustle.
  • The construction at Union Station is making it one of the most unpleasant places to be after a game. The TTC responds to this by adding zero extra staff and opening zero extra entrances on game days.
  • With $40 million, MLSE could have bought a beer for every fan at every home game this season. Just sayin’.
Memorable Quote:
“Rookie Terrence Ross is still learning; Linas Kleiza does nothing to improve the Raptors’ sagging defence; Anderson is reliable but limited; Dominic McGuire is an offensive black hole…Andrea Bargnani has re-established himself as the league’s most enigmatic player; the tough defence that Dwane Casey built last year has not reappeared; rookie centre Jonas Valanciunas is having trouble staying on the floor; Kyle Lowry is nursing an injured ankle.”
-The National Post’s Eric Koreen succinctly summarizes the Raptors’ early-season problems. In other words, everything.

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