Embarrassing Things Come In Threes

Posted: November 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Yes, I have used this image before. But that’s because it’s the best image ever.

If you’ve missed the last three games, you’ve missed a hat-trick of suck from our hometown Raptors. So, if you’ve had better things to do, like just say, cleaning out the lint trap in your dryer, or if all your Torontonian sports energy has been devoted to a week of Grey Cup hoopla, here’s what you missed in Raptorland:

1. A one-point loss to the Bobcats on Wednesday. The painful part was the way the refs handed Charlotte the win. The NBA admitted that the officials missed a foul call in the dying seconds that would have given the Raptors a trip to the line. They were careful to add, however, that expecting anyone to watch a Raptors-Bobcats game that closely is asking a lot, so we need to cut the refs some slack.

2. A one-point loss to the Pistons on Friday. Embarrassing because the Pistons are just as bad as the Raptors. Detroit managed to befoul the free-throw line in this one, hitting an ugly 57% from the stripe, but they still managed to win.

3. A double-OT loss to the Spurs today. This is heartbreakingly, mind-achingly, classic Raptors. Nobody expected them to even keep this game close. They manage to take it to overtime, giving fans just a glimmer of hope, before falling back to earth like so many Amir Johnson 3-point attempts. In keeping with the theme of threes, here are three embarrassing things to note about today’s game:

  • On this play, Tim Duncan collected the 2500th block of his career, good for 9th all-time. Yet another example of Toronto playing the role of red carpet to the league’s elite.
  • On this play, Manu Ginobili became an early contender for play-of-the-year, putting the ball through Derozan’s legs before going coast-to-coast for an and-1 layup.
  • Andrea “The Franchise” Bargnani shot a miserable 2-19. Reports from the ACC cleaning staff indicate that the stench of Bargnani’s shooting will take several days to clean.

So what do the next three games hold?

I don’t know. But I’m tired, and the lint trap in my dryer needs cleaning.


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