Raptors Review: After Twenty Games

Posted: December 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Coach Casey’s mother always warned him that if he accepted a job coaching the Raptors, his face might get stuck this way. (Photo: Chris Humphreys, USA Today Sports)

Record: 4-16 (1-9 over the past 10)

Low point: Back-to-back 1-point losses against weak teams. (Bobcats and Pistons.)

High point: Welcoming aboard Mickael Pietrus. No disrespect to Dominic McGuire, but that hole at small forward was big enough to drive an Oliver Miller through.

Stuff I’ve Noticed:

  • A fun drinking game for designated drivers: take a drink every time Andrea Bargnani appears remotely interested in the game. You will be stone-cold sober.
  • Speaking of Bargnani, I think Dwane Casey might have sold his soul to Bargs in exchange for guaranteeing him playing time down the stretch, regardless of how he’s playing.
  • If the Spurs can be fined $250 000 for “doing the fans a disservice” by sitting their best players and putting a sub-par team on the court, the Raptors owe the league, by my count, approximately $86 trillion in back payments.
Memorable Quote:
“We’ve got to make basketball plays.”
-Coach Casey after a blown lead in Philadelphia

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