A Raptor Fan Goes To A Jays Game

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

I entered this contest in ’94, but I’m still waiting to hear back from them. Fingers crossed…

After the success of my first TFC experience, and since I had nothing else to do on a Monday afternoon, I decided it was time to take myself out to the ball game.

A bit of background here: the last time I went to a Jays game, the Raptors did not yet exist, Roger Maris still held the record for single-season home runs, and nobody knew what PEDs were. Times, needless to say, have changed, thanks to fitness innovators like Barry Bonds.

Baseball...uh...strategy has changed a lot since I last went to a game.

The, uh, shape of baseball has changed a lot since I last went to a game. (photo: cofosho.wordpress.com)

Another thing that has changed is the Jays’ winning percentage. In the championship days, I can remember when the top three hitters in the American League were all playing for Toronto. I knew there had been a fair bit of hype around the team this season, because they had spent a lot of money on some top-notch drugs players, so I wanted to see how the team was doing.

So you can imagine how happy I was to find out that the franchise has obviously been privy to the same memo passed around to the Leafs, Raptors, and TFC, and have hopped on board the crap-wagon.

Some key points from today’s game against the Oakland A’s:

  • I was 37 seconds late for the game, and it was already 1-0 Oakland when I sat down.
  • The Blue Jays currently have one guy hitting better than .280. One guy.
  • Baseball pants are now almost as baggy as basketball shorts. I blame the Fab Five.
  • The name “Rogers Centre” sucks. It’s got no personality, and nothing to do with the sport or the stadium. The dome was in the process of opening through the first inning, and it was fascinating to watch the giant steel roof disappear to reveal the sky above. It’s the SkyDome, Rogers. Just call it the SkyDome.
  • I always knew baseball was slow, but having become so used to the pace of basketball, the difference was incredible. A family next to me left because all three of their kids had fallen asleep. It was the top of the fourth.
  • The only player who didn’t look hopped up on PEDs was the A’s second baseman, who looks like he’d be more at home working at an independent record store than for a professional ball club.
  • After a long pitching duel, the Jays tied it 1-1 in the bottom of the eights. “Oooh!” I thought, “extra innings, maybe?”
  • They then brought in their “closer”, who quickly gave up 4 runs in the ninth.

Final score: Oakland 5, Toronto 1.

Was it a classic Toronto sports team late-game fall-apart? Yes. But did I enjoy myself? Absolutely. Even though the glory days of Blue Jays baseball are long gone, and the crowd probably could have fit into the ACC with room to spare, there’s nothing quite like sitting outside on a sunny day, beer in hand, watching another Toronto team finding creative ways to lose.

Thanks, Blue Jays.



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