An apology.

Posted: November 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
I lost my Raptors tie, and was forced to use my backup NFL tie instead. Please accept my apologies.

Over the past few weeks, the Raptors have unexpectedly fallen into second place on the list of things Torontonians feel mortified about.

The new season is well underway, and there has been embarrassing radio silence from us here at Holycraptors.

I am so, so sorry. The past is the past and we need to move on. I have neglected posting updates despite so many wonderful opportunities; the acquisition of borderline sociopath Tyler Hansbrough,  the hilarious optimism surrounding a first-place finish in the pre-season, a recent 2-point loss to the Charlotte frickin’ Bobcats…so many things to write about. And I haven’t written about any of them. I can’t even blame it on a drunken stupor.

Truth is, various other areas of my life have gotten busier, and I simply have not had time to post. Also, I did not renew my season seats this year. I thought it might be less depressing to light $4500 on fire and throw it out a moving car, so I’m giving that a try this year.

But I do plan on going to a few games, and I’d like to keep the “Hall of Shame” and “NBA Punching Bag” pages updated, too.

Happy 2013-2014, everyone. See you at the Finals.

  1. Schro says:

    The loss to the Bobcats was the worst… Raps down 2 points with 20-something seconds left in the game, Charlotte has the ball with around two seconds difference between shot clock and game clock, Raptors elect to play defence instead of fouling. Now I know I’m a math teacher and perhaps can’t expect the coaches to understand basic subtraction, but hoping to get the ball back after Charlotte takes the clock all the way down doesn’t seem like a winning strategy. Predictably, Charlotte puts up a shot at the buzzer that takes 2 seconds to even hit the rim! In the words of HolyCraptors, “you’re welcome, Charlotte.”

    Anyway, I’ll miss your commentary! Thanks for all the entertaining posts.

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