Q: Why start a site memorializing all the worst moments in franchise history?

A: I am a Raptors fan, and have been since they came into the league. One day, I was watching the “plays of the week” on nba.com, and I noticed that a disproportionate amount of those plays came against the Toronto Raptors. I did a little more looking around and discovered that Raptors history is rich in embarrassing moments. Why try to hide them?

Q: But isn’t that a terrible, negative thing to do? Wouldn’t a real fan go out and buy a big foam hand that says “we’re number 1” on it?

A: I disagree. A real fan celebrates the team, warts and all. The Raptors have won a division championship. They’ve had all-stars. They’ve had lots of memorable moments, but they do a good job of celebrating that stuff already. Someone’s got to make sure we don’t suppress the bad stuff.

You love your uncle, even though he makes inappropriate jokes at Thanksgiving. You love your first car, even though the windows get stuck. You can’t love a team without admitting to its shortcomings.

The Toronto Raptors are Canada’s Team. As a Canadian, it’s my solemn duty to be self-effacing and modest. As a Torontonian, it’s my solemn duty to give sports fans in the the rest of the country a reason to point and laugh.

So go ahead. Point. Laugh.

Go Raps!


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