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Remember just a short while ago when we thought the Raptors might be able to sneak into the 8th spot? Ah, those were the days. (Photo:

Remember just a short while ago when we thought the Raptors might be able to sneak into the 8th spot? Ah, those were the days. (Photo:

Record:  26-44 (3-7 over the past 10)

Low point: Watching a late-game lead turn into another overtime loss, this time against the Lakers, on March 8th.

High point: Alan Anderson tying a team record for most points in a quarter (20) against the Knicks on March 22nd.

Stuff I’ve Noticed:

  • Sebastian Telfair looks like Caron Butler’s mini-me.
  • On most nights, Rudy Gay’s shooting percentage would make a reasonable batting average.
  • Now that we’ve entered the “who cares” part of the season, losses really don’t seem to bother me anymore, and when someone botches an inbounds pass or airballs a three, it’s almost adorable. Like watching a 4-year-old forget his lines in his kindergarten class version of Hamlet.
Memorable Quote:
“I fell asleep in the second quarter and just when I was settling into my dream where I was playing a tight game of chess with a unicorn, I was awoken to Matt Devlin and Jack Armstrong strongly suggesting what a great player Leo Rautins would make in ‘today’s NBA’.”
-Arsenalist of Raptors Republic, following a brutally boring game against the Bobcats on March 15th.


The dunk is beautiful of course, but watch it a few times to appreciate the following:

  1. Alan Anderson (top of the screen) dances back on defence.
  2. Coach Casey is obviously upset that no foul was called.
  3. Quincy Acy gives the old “scuze me while I hump the sky”.
  4. Aaron Gray stays seated for a second, before realizing what just happened.
  5. Bargnani (bottom of the screen) just looks lonely throughout the whole play.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the midway point of the season. A variety of publications have released their “mid-term report cards” on the Raptors, which kind of made me feel bad for the Raps. A lot of them weren’t exactly the type of reports you’d want to put up on the fridge.

I know, I know, I spend a lot of time making fun of the Raptors. But like that parent who just can’t see how ugly and stupid their kid is, I’m an eternal optimist with this team. They’re all…special…in their own way.

So below is a summary of the grades dished out by the teachers at TSN and The National Post, with a special bonus from me. Because everyone’s good at something. Right?

Player TSN says… The National Post says… Yeah, but…
Quincy Acy C-
“Has to cut down on blown defensive assignments.”
“Has been a willing learner.”
Beard-growing: A+
Alan Anderson B+
“Game-altering performances.”
“It is difficult to get past Anderson’s accuracy from the field.”
Alliteration: A+
Andrea Bargnani D-
“His laconic play has finally soured the front office on him.”
“Ineffective offensively and regressed defensively.”
Looking slick in a suit: A+
Jose Calderon A
“His leadership has been invaluable.”
“Struggled badly in his 15 games as Kyle Lowry’s backup.”
Ability to grow 5-o’clock shadow before noon: A+
Ed Davis A
“A revelation.”
“A revelation.”
Being a revelation: A+
DeMar DeRozan C+
“His play has fallen off dramatically.”
“His defense remains a mystifying negative.”
Having capital letters in his name: A+
Landry Fields C
“His jumpshot has remained horrendous.”
“Still digging out of an early-season hole.”
Bearing an uncanny resemblance to Drake: A+
Aaron Gray C-
“Rebounding, his one great strength, has been missing all year.”
“Has not been of much use.”
Looking confused: A+
Amir Johnson A-
“Still struggles to guard his position one-on-one.”
“Johnson’s ceiling is limited, but he has maximized his ability.”
Hairstyle choices: A+
Linas Kleiza D
“Cannot replicate (or even approximate) his international effectiveness.”
“Has been totally ineffective.”
Being one of two Lithuanians I can name: A+
Kyle Lowry C
“Biggest disappointment of the season so far.”
“Lowry’s play has varied wildly.”
Making me nervous in close games: A+
John Lucas III C-
“Doesn’t offer enough elsewhere to offset his lack of scoring.”
“Started off the year on a tremendous cold streak.”
Being more famous than John Lucas I or II: A+
Mickael Pietrus D+
“Doesn’t have it in him to contribute to an NBA team like he used to.”
“Terrible offensively.”
Keeping knee doctors in business: A+
Terrence Ross C+
“He needs to shoot much better and learn to pass more often.”
“Flashes of brilliance to go along with complete no-shows.”
Potential to be the third Raptor to lose a dunk contest: A+
Jonas Valanciunas C+
“Fouls far too much.”
“Perhaps the Raptors’ worst defensive player.”
Looking absolutely nothing like his bobble-head doll: A+
Dwayne Casey N/A C
“Has relied a little too much on his veterans.”
Having gone from coaching a championship team to the Raptors without killing himself: A+

Kyle Lowry started the 2012-2013 season the same way Bargnani started last year: playing like an all-star, then getting injured. (Photo: Bleacher Report)

Record: 3-7

Low point: Losing Kyle Lowry.

High point: Bouncing back from a heartbreaking triple OT loss at home with a win on the road the next night.

Stuff I’ve Noticed:

  • Alan Anderson plays with hustle. It’s the hustle of someone who’s just been woken up by a fire alarm, but it’s still hustle.
  • The construction at Union Station is making it one of the most unpleasant places to be after a game. The TTC responds to this by adding zero extra staff and opening zero extra entrances on game days.
  • With $40 million, MLSE could have bought a beer for every fan at every home game this season. Just sayin’.
Memorable Quote:
“Rookie Terrence Ross is still learning; Linas Kleiza does nothing to improve the Raptors’ sagging defence; Anderson is reliable but limited; Dominic McGuire is an offensive black hole…Andrea Bargnani has re-established himself as the league’s most enigmatic player; the tough defence that Dwane Casey built last year has not reappeared; rookie centre Jonas Valanciunas is having trouble staying on the floor; Kyle Lowry is nursing an injured ankle.”
-The National Post’s Eric Koreen succinctly summarizes the Raptors’ early-season problems. In other words, everything.

An MLSE employee demonstrates the least painful way for Raptor fans to make it through the remainder of the 2011-2012 season.

Record:   21-39 (5-5 over the past 10)

High point: Winning three games in a row. A legit streak!

Low point: Being officially eliminated from the playoffs. You know it’s going to happen, but it still hurts.

Stuff I’ve Noticed:

–          Alan Anderson gets no respect. Check out his face on the game companion. That’s harsh.

–          I’m surprised by how much I miss Jerryd Bayless.

–          Buy a fresh pair of kicks and scrawl a 10-day contract on a napkin, and you too could be a starter!

Memorable Quote:
“It’s one of those days you don’t want to get out of your pajamas.”
-TV commentator Jack Armstrong sums up a less-than-exciting Sunday match-up between the Wizards and Raptors.