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Oh boy. As much time as I spend making fun of the Raptors, I really feel bad about this one. They deserved to win. They played hard and took the league’s best team to overtime, only to have Luol Deng ruin it at the buzzer.

BARELY. If Deng had paused to burp before going up for this rebound, the buzzer would have been on our side, and the Raps would have pulled out a win. But the replay showed that the ball had cleared the bead of sweat on the tip of Deng’s finger just before time expired, allowing the Bulls to prove once again that they can win without Rose.

You’re welcome, Chicago.


Every day, posts its top ten plays from the previous night. It’s uncanny how often top plays come against the Raptors.Yesterday was a perfect example, as the Raps were on the receiving end of three of the top four plays:

#4 – Does Amir Johnson get an assist on this play?

#3 – De-fence!

#1 – I was excited when this one started. I thought, “sweet, a steal by the Raptors! We’ve got the number one play!” No.

You’re welcome, Chicago.