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It was your standard Raptors game; solid first half, up ten after three quarters, questionable coaching, late-game implosion, another close loss. Rapception. The highlights, in case you need them:


This has happened so many times, that it’s becoming difficult for me to find new ways to post my thoughts on the Raptors’ 2012-2013 bumblings. So in the interest of keeping things fresh around here, I offer you a series of haikus inspired by tonight’s game.

Bargnani is back.
It seems coming off the bench
Suits him much better.

I think that Garnett
And the rapper DMX
Are long-lost brothers.

Nothing in the world
Will wreck your offensive flow
Quite like John Lucas.

Dear coach Dwayne Casey:
Why is Alan Anderson
Playing in the fourth?

Did we really think
That acquiring Rudy Gay
Would mean the 8th seed?

You’re welcome, Boston.


Just Let Me Enjoy This Moment.

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I just had one of those walks home that only a Raptor fan can have.

My head was held high. My strides were a bit longer. And brief, ridiculously optimistic thoughts raced through my head:

“You know, if Bargnani comes back, we might be able to make the playoffs.”…”I really think the Raptors have turned the corner defensively.”…”Calderon will be an all-star next year, for sure.”…”A bit of time and some smart trades, and we’re in the Finals.”

When you're a Raptor fan, beating the Celtics makes you think that this is possible.

Yeah, tomorrow morning I’ll probably come back down to earth. The buzz of victory and $12 beer will wear off, and I’ll wake up, as confused as a frat boy the morning after a tailgate party, look over at my Raptors shirt hanging lazily on the back of a chair and laugh in spite of myself.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy it: Raptors 86 – Celtics 74.

Thank you, Boston.

The Boston Celtics, known for having more NBA Championships than the Raptors have fans, won their 3000th game by handing the Raps a 20-point loss.

Toronto is on pace to collect its 3000th win sometime in the year 2307.

You’re welcome, Boston.