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Having slept peacefully for hours on the bench, Aaron Gray, seen here moments after being woken up, was put into the game to seal the deal. The strategy worked about as well as you would expect it to.  (Photo: Chris Young, Canadian Press.)

Well, it was exciting.

Until tonight, I’d never been to a game that had gone into triple overtime. I’ve got to hand it to the home team: they gave the crowd the most lively atmosphere since Linsanity. For a moment, it felt like the Raptors were playing for a playoff spot on the final day of the season, when actually they were just playing for the chance to boost their record to 2-5.

But it was exciting. And I learned a lot, too. Here are some things that I learned from tonight’s triple-OT drama:

  1. Jonas Valanciunas is not allowed to play after 9.30pm. Might be a curfew thing (he is young, after all) but I’d like to think it’s more of a Gremlins-type of don’t-feed-him-after-midnight thing.
  2. Having a jump ball at the start of each overtime period meant that the in-game DJ went through his entire repertoire of songs containing the word “Jump”. Van Halen’s getting some sweet royalties.
  3. No disrespect to the Spirit Squad, but after three and a half hours, free t-shirts just don’t excite me anymore.
  4. Aaron Gray is not a legitimate weapon in triple overtime. Putting him in cold with the game on the line is like bringing a wet noodle to a knife fight. Blindfolded.
  5. Losing feels the same, no matter how long it takes to get there. Remember when your parents used to put Cheez Whiz on your brussels sprouts to try to hide the fact that you were eating brussels srpouts? Yeah.

Oh, well. At least I can rest easy knowing that next Sunday is Jonas Valanciunas bobblehead night. And we helped the Jazz hit .500.

You’re welcome, Utah.


Having been up by 14 points midway through the fourth quarter, the Raps handed the Jazz a stretch-run gift. Final score: Raptors 94, Jazz 96. A couple of great Holy Craptors moments in the highlights below:

1. The announcer begins the highlights with the astute observation that “the playoffs for the Raptors are pretty much out of reach by this point”. Thanks for rubbing in the obvious, buddy.

2. Twenty seconds in, we see a botched alley-oop attempt, which not only ends with a fast break the other way, but an injured Sonny Weems writhing in the simultaneous pain of a twisted ankle and the embarrassment of being a Raptor.

3. The final tip-in. Utah’s Devin Harris puts up a shot that misses, and rather than, say, boxing out, several Raptors decide to use their energy instead to try to convince the ref that Devin Harris had traveled on the play.

You’re welcome, Utah.