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And so, with a new collective greed bargaining agreement in place, NBA basketball is back.

In this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated, Chris Mannix analyses the Raptor’s outlook for this year’s mini-season. Funny, but as I was reading it, I couldn’t help feeling as if Mannix was talking about an old car: “…a hole in the middle…little money to spend on an upgrade…Colangelo will look to add cheap, short-term pieces…” Is Colangelo running a basketball team, or trying to get his 1988 Oldsmobile to make it through one more winter?









Ah, but who cares? Basketball is back, and the infinite possibilities of a new season are back with it.

The Raptors have a young team, great fans, a #1 pick (well…he’s playing in Lithuania right now, but whatever), and most significantly, a new coach.

Holy Craptors! I can’t wait for it to start.