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Things were going great, until the 4th quarter hit the Raptors like…well, like this.


It was a promising start.

The new faces were contributing, Calderon was playing great off the bench, and the Dance Pack did a passable rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” before distributing candy to the impressively large opening-night crowd at the ACC.

Then came the closing minutes of the fourth quarter, and the 10-point lead the Raptors had built just moments earlier began to collapse like a home-made robot costume in the rain.

As I watched Bargnani’s last-second shot fall 30 feet short, and the buzzer sounded on a 90-88 Indiana victory, my mind started to wander. I started to imagine what the players on the 2012-2013 Raptor squad might have dressed up as for Halloween. Here are my conclusions.

Suggested Halloween Costumes for the 2012-2013 Raptors:
Player Costume Reason
 Kyle Lowry  Damon Stoudamire, circa 1996  Small, feisty, exciting. Made the Raptors backcourt fun to watch.
 DeMar Derozan  Hurricane Sandy  Expected to be a big deal for Toronto, ends up being extremely underwhelming.
 Jonas Valanciunas  A Tim Horton’s coffee  Double-double. Quickly beloved in Canada.
 Landry Fields  A Tim Horton’s donut  Matches his number of points.
 Amir Johnson  Rambo  Shoots far too much.
 Aaron Gray  The James Bond villain ‘Jaws’  He just kinda looks like him.
 Andrea Bargnani  Roberto Alomar  A tribute to the 1992 Blue Jays. And I really want to hear him say “catch the taste”.


In the end, it was fitting that this game was played on Halloween. No matter how much the organization has been hyping the improvements to the team, dressing them up as playoff contenders, it’s nice to know that underneath the disguise, they’re still our lovable Raptors, able to throw a game away in the dying minutes, and send the visiting team home with a nice Halloween treat.

You’re welcome, Indiana.



Remember when Vince Carter’s nickname was “Air Canada”? When night after night he would soar gracefully through the air on the way to another memorable dunk?

Well, Toronto native Jamaal Magloire may have earned himself Carter’s old nickname after last night’s performance.

It was classic Raptors: winning 40-24 at one point, the second half saw them fall apart like a dollar-store calculator. To make matters worse, they had the chance, thanks to some chippy play by the Pacers, to steal a win at the foul line. But a miserable 62% free throw success rate quickly put a stop to any hopes of victory.

The worst free throw misses belonged to Magloire, whose 0-for-2 trip to the line in the video above was the nail in the coffin. Or, if you like, the hammer to the dollar-store calculator. I love how 17 seconds into the video you can almost read coach Casey’s mind: “Oh god. Why did I take this job again?”

Oh, and by the way, the clip above was Magloire’s SECOND free-throw airball of the game.

You’re welcome, Indiana.