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WARNING: When benched, DeRozan may take out his frustration by cursing on Twitter, and/or hiding in his own shirt.

Record: 13-27 (4-6 over the past 10)

High point: Holding Golden State to 75 points (having given up 84 in the first half of their last meeting).

Low point: “Fan Appreciation Night”, when the team showed its appreciation by losing to the Bobcats; a team widely considered to be even worse than the Raptors.

Stuff I’ve Noticed:

–          If you pause video at the moment Aaron Gray releases a shot, you can almost see the panic on his face.

–          Magloire picks up fouls at light speed. One time I swear he came off the bench with two fouls already.

–          When he’s upset at the ref, Jose Calderon looks like an Italian guy who’s just had his pizza stolen.

Memorable Quote:
“Straight Bull%#!+”
 – DeMar DeRozan, via Twitter, after being benched for the entire 4th quarter against Houston on Feb. 28th

Toronto coach Dwane Casey, seen here estimating how many games the Raptors will win this season.

Record: 6-14 (2-8 over the past 10)

High point: Bargnani’s return. My goodness, the Raptors missed Bargnani. Winless without him, he came back to score 36 points against Phoenix, giving the Raps their first win against the Suns since about 1943. He helped them win again the next night…then left the game late with an injury. Awesome.

Low point: Jamaal Magloire airballing a free throw with the game on the line.

Stuff I’ve Noticed:

–          Technically, in terms of a player’s value to a team, Bargnani might be the league’s MVP.

–          Without Bargnani, the Raptors’ playbook goes something like this: Calderon dribbles up the court, looks around for a bit, sees zero passing options, pulls up for a jumper.

–          Sometimes Barbosa gets a little carried away.

Memorable Quote:
“Coming from the last three years winning 50 and 60 games a year and a championship, it’s tough.”
 – Coach Casey reflects on what it’s like to move from Dallas to Toronto, Jan. 20


Remember when Vince Carter’s nickname was “Air Canada”? When night after night he would soar gracefully through the air on the way to another memorable dunk?

Well, Toronto native Jamaal Magloire may have earned himself Carter’s old nickname after last night’s performance.

It was classic Raptors: winning 40-24 at one point, the second half saw them fall apart like a dollar-store calculator. To make matters worse, they had the chance, thanks to some chippy play by the Pacers, to steal a win at the foul line. But a miserable 62% free throw success rate quickly put a stop to any hopes of victory.

The worst free throw misses belonged to Magloire, whose 0-for-2 trip to the line in the video above was the nail in the coffin. Or, if you like, the hammer to the dollar-store calculator. I love how 17 seconds into the video you can almost read coach Casey’s mind: “Oh god. Why did I take this job again?”

Oh, and by the way, the clip above was Magloire’s SECOND free-throw airball of the game.

You’re welcome, Indiana.