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It was a great day for welcoming back fan favourite Jose Calderon. After a nice ovation when his name was announced in the starting lineups, and a warm fuzzy video tribute on the big screen, Calderon quickly went to work inflicting a bit of post-partum depression on the Toronto crowd. Here are some awesome things that happened during the game:

  1. Someone in the a/v department must have sneezed on the controls, because the song and video that accompanied the Raptors starting lineups intro went all Windows Vista on us.
  2. ACC announcer Herbie Kuhn accidentally announced Calderon as getting an assist on a bucket by Alan Anderson.
  3. At halftime, Jose accidentally started walking towards the Raptors’ dressing room. (See video above.)
  4. A classic Raptor fourth quarter saw the Pistons outscore Toronto 33-19, finishing with 98 points, just two shy of the fans’ coveted pizza.
  5. With the loss, the Raptors are officially eliminated from playoff contention.

Nobody does April Fool’s day like the Toronto Raptors.

De nada, Jose.


Up By 10, Lose By 20.

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This game started pretty well. The crowd was into it, thanks to the pre-game Amir Johnson bobbleheads. Terrence Ross had a couple nice dunks, and Aaron Gray was safely on the bench. Toronto was leading most of the way, and although Atlanta started to push, the teams were still tied going into the fourth. Then, the Toronto offense turned into this:

Within what seemed like seconds, the wheels had fallen off. Valanciunas threw a pass to nobody. Lowry threw a pass to Gay, who watched as it went through his legs, Buckner-style. And Amir Johnson of bobblehead fame left the game with an injury. Suddenly the Hawks were on their way to a 32-13 run to finish the game.

And while the Raptors’ season continues to spiral down the toilet, the Hawks clinched a playoff spot with tonight’s win.

You’re welcome, Atlanta.

Recently, coach Casey’s defensive call-to-arms, “pound the rock” has become less evocative of hard-nosed defense, and more evocative of a Raptor fan bashing his head against a rock out of frustration.

For the second straight game, Toronto gave up 120+ points, leading many people who follow the team to reach for the remote, as the chances of playoffs at the ACC become more and more distant. And to add to the hilarity, the Raptors were up 6 at the end of the third…and then, 42 of Golden State’s 125 points came in the fourth quarter. Pound the rock indeed.

You’re welcome, Golden State.

It was your standard Raptors game; solid first half, up ten after three quarters, questionable coaching, late-game implosion, another close loss. Rapception. The highlights, in case you need them:


This has happened so many times, that it’s becoming difficult for me to find new ways to post my thoughts on the Raptors’ 2012-2013 bumblings. So in the interest of keeping things fresh around here, I offer you a series of haikus inspired by tonight’s game.

Bargnani is back.
It seems coming off the bench
Suits him much better.

I think that Garnett
And the rapper DMX
Are long-lost brothers.

Nothing in the world
Will wreck your offensive flow
Quite like John Lucas.

Dear coach Dwayne Casey:
Why is Alan Anderson
Playing in the fourth?

Did we really think
That acquiring Rudy Gay
Would mean the 8th seed?

You’re welcome, Boston.

Kyrie Eleison

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For those of you who are a bit rusty on your ancient Greek, “Kyrie Eleison” translates roughly to “Lord, have mercy”.

And for those of you who missed the last 12 seconds of tonight’s game, Cleveland’s Kyrie Irving did not have mercy on the Raptors. He finished with 32 points, the last three of which sank the Raptors with 0.7 seconds left. Suddenly, DeRozan’s game-winning buzzer-beater two days ago seems like a distant memory. Here it is:

Now let’s all take a moment to appreciate the irony that, dressed in their army fatigues, the Raptors provided virtually no defence against the final shot.

You’re welome, Cleveland.

Double-digit lead. Lost it in the final minutes. Yes, you have seen this happen before.

And it seems that other people are catching on to the phenomenon of “Rapception”. Take a listen to the commentators in the video below. “What quarter is it? Okay, holler at me when we get to the fourth.”


This time, it was the defence (or lack thereof) that let the Raptors down. Coach Casey expressed his frustration beautifully, describing the Raptors getting back on defence as more of a “home-run trot” than a hustle.

You’re welcome, Philadelphia.

Things were going great, until the 4th quarter hit the Raptors like…well, like this.


It was a promising start.

The new faces were contributing, Calderon was playing great off the bench, and the Dance Pack did a passable rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” before distributing candy to the impressively large opening-night crowd at the ACC.

Then came the closing minutes of the fourth quarter, and the 10-point lead the Raptors had built just moments earlier began to collapse like a home-made robot costume in the rain.

As I watched Bargnani’s last-second shot fall 30 feet short, and the buzzer sounded on a 90-88 Indiana victory, my mind started to wander. I started to imagine what the players on the 2012-2013 Raptor squad might have dressed up as for Halloween. Here are my conclusions.

Suggested Halloween Costumes for the 2012-2013 Raptors:
Player Costume Reason
 Kyle Lowry  Damon Stoudamire, circa 1996  Small, feisty, exciting. Made the Raptors backcourt fun to watch.
 DeMar Derozan  Hurricane Sandy  Expected to be a big deal for Toronto, ends up being extremely underwhelming.
 Jonas Valanciunas  A Tim Horton’s coffee  Double-double. Quickly beloved in Canada.
 Landry Fields  A Tim Horton’s donut  Matches his number of points.
 Amir Johnson  Rambo  Shoots far too much.
 Aaron Gray  The James Bond villain ‘Jaws’  He just kinda looks like him.
 Andrea Bargnani  Roberto Alomar  A tribute to the 1992 Blue Jays. And I really want to hear him say “catch the taste”.


In the end, it was fitting that this game was played on Halloween. No matter how much the organization has been hyping the improvements to the team, dressing them up as playoff contenders, it’s nice to know that underneath the disguise, they’re still our lovable Raptors, able to throw a game away in the dying minutes, and send the visiting team home with a nice Halloween treat.

You’re welcome, Indiana.