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Double-digit lead. Lost it in the final minutes. Yes, you have seen this happen before.

And it seems that other people are catching on to the phenomenon of “Rapception”. Take a listen to the commentators in the video below. “What quarter is it? Okay, holler at me when we get to the fourth.”


This time, it was the defence (or lack thereof) that let the Raptors down. Coach Casey expressed his frustration beautifully, describing the Raptors getting back on defence as more of a “home-run trot” than a hustle.

You’re welcome, Philadelphia.


Failure Is Contagious

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Can you name this city? Don’t laugh. It’s hard.

Here’s how the Raptors fared tonight against the Philadelphia 76ers:

  • 1st quarter: 26 points
  • 2nd quarter: 7 points
  • 3rd quarter: 29 points
  • 4th quarter: 21 points

So what happened in that second quarter? Did the Sixers suddenly re-sign Dr. J? Did someone break a mirror in the Raps’ locker room? Was it the camo uniforms? We know how those hideous unis have worked out for us in the past.

No, tonight’s excuse is something more intangible: failure is contagious. Gather ’round, children, and I’ll tell you a story.

Midway through that fateful quarter, during a commercial break, the Raptors held an on-court promotion that they often run. Air Canada offers a free trip somewhere in North America for one lucky fan, if they can guess the name of the city they might be lucky enough to visit. The fan gets one minute to hit as many free throws as possible, and the number of shots they make determines the number of letters in the city’s name they get to reveal.

Tonight’s contestant was faced with this puzzler:

___  ___  S       ___  ___  G  ___  ___

And while he stood there scratching his chin, the entire arena was screaming, “Vegas! It’s Las Vegas!” After a moment of deep focus and deliberation, he gave his response: “Uh, Seattle?”

The Raptors, having been up by ten, went on to tank the rest of the quarter, and lost the game by ten points.

You’re welcome, Seattle Philadelphia.